Shiba Odoshi 
Shiba Odoshi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132, elevated as the Evening Star

Shiba Odoshi was a bushi of the Phoenix Clan in the first reign of Toturi I.

General Edit

Odoshi was a Shiba general stationed at Floating Village. He was quite fond of the village's geisha house, House of Spring Flowers, and its mistress, Mineko. Eventually the okasan began to fall in love with him, responding to his his kind and humble nature. [1]

Lady Moon Edit

During the Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness, Hitomi roamed the empire not only to give counsel to the clans but also to search and choose one samurai of each clan to protect her in her quest. When Hitomi was finally about to ascend as the new Moon, an oni attacked the group. The only samurai that survived the surprise attack were Odoshi and Yoritomo Kanbe, but their mutual hatred of each other led them to fight against themselves for the honor of serving as Hitomi's second. The oni seized the moment and killed them in dishonor.

The two went immediately to Toshigoku, the Realm of Slaughter. In that blighted Realm, Odoshi found the Mantis again. Both could remember their failure to Rokugan. Determined to make amends, Odoshi committed seppuku, with Kanbe as his second. His honorable act allowed him to return from the dead and defeat the oni. [2]

Hitomi's Sepukku Edit

Hitomi's Seppuku

Hitomi's Seppuku

Finally, Odoshi served as Hitomi's second, freeing her soul and ascending with her as her yojimbo and as the Evening Star into Tengoku. [2]

Legacy Edit

Shrine of Evening Star

Shrine of Evening Star

The Shrine of Evening Star was built to honor Odoshi. [3] The mistress of the House of Spring Flowers was heartbroken and starved herself to death. In her memory and her beloved Odoshi, the house was renamed the House of the Evening Star. [1]

Followers of the Evening Star Edit

After his ascencion to Tengoku, the Order of Odoshi had been formed in commemoration to Shiba Odoshi's ways. Most of the time, the people from this sect could be seen in Reihaido Hitomi, acting as guardians of the shrine or as monks worshiping and praying for Hitomi. [4]

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