Shiba Namika 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Shiba Hirobumi,
Shiba Hiroshisa 
Titles: Shiba Bushi School sensei

Shiba Namika was a duelist of the Phoenix Clan, who became the Shiba Bushi School sensei.

Family Edit

Namika had two younger twin shugenja brothers, Shiba Hirobumi and Shiba Hiroshisa, who walked in the footsteps of their famous shugenja grandfather, one of the few to serve on the Council of Elemental Masters without blood ties to the Isawa. Namika's father was a low-ranking scribe of the Phoenix Clan Champion. Her mother was a gifted and inventive sculptor. [1]

Training Edit

Namika met Shiba Yuya, a second cousin of the Master of Void Shiba Ningen, who took a liking to the younger girl and mentored her. Namika gained entrance into the Shiba Bushi School, becoming a skilled yojimbo. She was assigned on several occasions to escort her brothers, and she also worked alongside Yuya. [2]

Duelist Edit

After nearly two decades of service to her Clan, Namika witnessed an iaijutsu duel, which fascinated her. She entered under the wing of one of the few Phoenix iaijutsu sensei, and eventually, Namika was appointed as sensei herself. [3]


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