Shiba Moriaki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 663 
Children: Un-named son 
Titles: Phoenix Clan Champion

Shiba Moriaki was the Phoenix Clan Champion during the rule of Hantei XX.

Lover Edit

Moriaki was a handsome samurai who met a beautiful Imperial Legionnaire, Mirumoto Umeka. The couple fell in love and became lovers, despite the Dragon samurai-ko was already betrothed. She left the Phoenix lands when her father died, to take the command of the Mirumoto family. [1]

Secret Love Edit

In 662 he decided to interven in the Dragon-Lion War supporting the Dragon Clan, and his diplomats arranged a peaceful end of the war before the end of this year. [2] The Phoenix was the only ally of the Dragon, largely due to the public friendship, and secret love affair, between Moriaki and Umeka, the Mirumoto Daimyo. [3]

Great Famine Edit

Bad weather during several years and the Rice War between Crab and Crane depleted the food reserves in the Empire. The Great Famine led in uprisings in several cities, including Toshi no Omoidoso which was controlled by bandits. Moriaki led the Shiba Army, but his troops were so weakened and sick that failed to retake the city. The Emerald Champion Akodo Kenburo sent forth the Imperial Legions who released the city from the rioters. [4]

Death Edit

The Emperor blamed the Phoenix Champion for losing control of the City of Sacrifice, so Moriaki committed seppuku. [4]

Children Edit

He and Umeka had managed to arrange a handful of covert visits over the course of twenty years, and Umeka's third son was actually Moriaki's. [1]


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Preceded by:
Phoenix Clan Champion
? - 663
Succeeded by:
Shiba Naho

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