Shiba Mitsushen 
Shiba Mitsushen 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1193, Month of the Goat [1]

Shiba Mitsushen was a bushi and commander of the Phoenix Clan who fought in the War of the Twins.

War of the Twins Edit

Genius Mind Edit

In 1191 during the War of the Twins Mitsushen was the captain of Twenty-Second Company in the Shiba Army when the Phoenix were preparing how to retake the city of Nikesake, lost to their enemies in the previous month. The Shireikan in charge fell to illness, and the most senior captain ceded command to Mitsushen, after he displayed a better plan for the Battle of Nikesake. Mitsushen was considered a genius on the battlefield leading a plan where a smaller force could attack and drive out a larger, entrenched force without resorting to excessive collateral damage. He was elevated to the position of Chief Shireikan within the Phoenix army based exclusively on the brilliance of this engagement. [1]

Death Edit

In 1193 a suicidal attack of Scorpion forces led by Bayushi Kasumi used dishonorable means to reach Mitsushen's tent. Despite Shiba Jikaro cut Kasumi down, in her dying effort she wounded Mitsushen with a poisoned dagger, who died shortly after. Despite his death, the Phoenix gained the day following Mitsushen's plan. [1]

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