Shiba Michirou 
Shiba Michirou 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1160

Shiba Michirou was a bloodspeaker shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Training Edit

Michirou was a shugenja of limited ability but because he was a Shiba, his Phoenix brethren had never truly accepted him.

Bloodspeaker Edit

Asako Kinuye used Michirou's resent and gathered him to her bloodspeaker cell. Michirou became a trusted and powerful servant.

Black Scroll Edit

Kinuye was informed that a Black Scroll was kept at Shiro Iuchi, The Wasting Disease, and she sent Michirou to steal it in 1160. [1] Michirou traveled to Shiro Iuchi, during the night flyed to the castle with Dark Wings, became near invisible and with the ability to climb walls, killed the two guards in the deep vault inside the castle where the scroll was custody, and transformed his body into a fine red mist to slid effortlessly through the solid wall, stealing the Scroll. [2]

Death Edit

Iuchi Yue, the Iuchi Daimyo, began to seek the Scroll that had been guarded by the Iuchi since the Second Day of Thunder. [3] She reached Michirou acompanied by Isawa Fosuta, another member of the bloodspeaker cell who had lured Yue to a trap. Surprinsingly Fosuta revealed himself as an Inquisitor and aided Yue to kill all the bloodspeakers. Michirou saw the upcoming defeat and threw himself to death, avoiding imprisoment or questioning.

Scroll Edit

Michirou before the battle had passed the Black Scroll, and the quest of Yue was not concluded.


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