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Shiba Marihito

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Shiba Marihito 
Shiba Marihito 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Captain of Gisei Toshi guards

Shiba Marihito was a Phoenix Clan samurai stationed at Gisei Toshi, like his ancestors before him.

Hidden City Edit

Marihito became the Captain of Gisei Toshi guards. The city was a secret only knew by those who born there, and the Isawa. It was called the City of Sacrifice, and their inhabitants were forbidden to left the city, keeping its secrecy safe. Shiba Koseki was the lover of Marihito. [1]

Siege Edit

In 1165 an army of bloodspeaker led by Yajinden began the Siege of Gisei Toshi. In the first day his lover was killed by the smither. [1]

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