Shiba Kojiro was the last master of Morikage Toshi. [1]

Betrothed Edit

In 782 Kojiro announced his engagement to a young Agasha Shugenja, Agasha Yuriko, who was the daughter of the Agasha Daimyo. The marriage would seal a political alliance between the families. Shiba Kojiro wanted none of it because an Ikoma maiden had won his heart, though he knew his duty. [2]

Bloodsword Edit

Kojiro recovered the bloodsword Revenge, and the blade most probably turned him in [1] an unloving and callous man. [3] Through a series of political maneuvers, Kojiro made it apparent that perhaps the lord of Mori Kage Toshi would be better wed to an Ikoma. Kojiro's lord eventually agreed, and his marriage to the Agasha was called off. [2]

Curse Edit

The bride's mother became the Oracle of Air, who mad with grief, cursed Kojiro's castle. [4] Soon, the building was covered in vines and the trees reached out and reclaimed the castle, rendering it useless. [3] The Masters of Void and Water attempted to undo the magic, with no result. The Lying Darkness had heard the Agasha's call and granted her wish, consuming Yuriko and binding her to the castle at the same time. [5]


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