Shiba Kieru was a yojimbo of the Phoenix Clan who fell to the Shadows.

Dark Secret Edit

Kieru trained to became a yojimbo of the Isawa. He suffered from epilepsy, an affliction which could leave him as unreliable for his duty. It went unnoticed partly through simple luck but also through the use a coconction of powerful herbs obtained from discreet merchants. [1]

Blackmailed Edit

One of the merchants sold his secret to a Bayushi, who blackmailed Kieru. Eventually a ronin offered a way out of his bondage for a future favor, and Kieru readily agreed. The next day his affliction was known by everybody, putting an end to the Scorpion's blackmail – and to his career as a yojimbo. Kieru was reassigned to minor duties in an obscure posting. [1]

Decending into Darkness Edit

Kieru abandoned his post to start a quest of vengeance. He spent months chasing him, in the shadowy lowest levels of society, but never quite able to run the man down. Kieru began to suffer bizarre dreams, and as time went on, the shadows became deeper and more familiar to him. Eventually Kieru had attracted the attention of the Shadows, and he was fully consumed. Shiba Kieru no longer existed, being replaced by a minion of the Darkness. [1]


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