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Shiba Katsuda (I)

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Please note: This article is about the ambassador to the Tsume family. For other uses of the term, please see Shiba Katsuda (disambiguation).
Shiba Katsuda (I) 
Shiba Katsuda (I) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Un-named daughter

Shiba Katsuda was a bushi of the Phoenix Clan.

Imperial Guard Edit

Katsuda was appointed as Imperial Guard under the command of Seppun Daiori, and was companion to Akodo Kage. [1]

Station Edit

Katsuda was a cautious and undisturbed man. He was tasked with the defense of the Phoenix borders in the Kintani Valley, beside Lion and Crane territory. Katsudo valued ​​knowledge and contemplation over unnecessary spill of blood. [2]

Tsume menace Edit

The Phoenix lands had been threatened by the ruthless Doji Retsu of House Tsume. Katsuda came to the Kyotei Castle as ambassador, seeking a peace treaty to end the harassment of his patrols. He would bargain the marriage of his own daughter with Retsu for an alliance, but before he made the offer [2] Retsu was found murdered in his chambers. [3]


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