Shiba Kakei 
Shiba Kakei 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Shiba Ofuka,
Doji Miren

Shiba Kakei was a bushi of the Phoenix Clan.

Station Edit

Son of Shiba Ofuka and Doji Miren, [1] Kakei was appointed as yojimbo of a water Isawa Shugenja. [2]

Gunso Edit

Kakei was sent to Yobanjin lands to retaliate a raided library, but the Phoenix forces were ambushed. The Acolyte of Water Asako Miyabi took command after the Shiba commander was killed, saving the day for her clan. Kakei took a blow intended for Miyabi, and he bore a grievous scar in his face since that day. He eventually was appointed as Gunso of the 7th Shiba Legion. He became a student of cavalry tactics, refusing advancement in order to remain with his men. [1]

Chui Edit

In the late 12th century the Phoenix exposed that Moto blood drew ill fortune, which they passed to their descendants. The Unicorn attacked the Phoenix for the slight. In 1200 Kakei was at Toshi Ranbo, where he met again Miyabi, now the Master of Water, and the arrogant Master of Fire Isawa Koiso. Kakei was asked to about the war tactics deployed by the Elemental Masters, and Kakei counseled a more defensive path, which would end in a combined attack of the Elemental Guards and Elemental Legions, assuring the Unicorn would lose an untenable number of men and retreat. The Asako might leverage the victory into a peaceful solution. Kakei was dismissed, but shortly after reassigned as Chui of the Legion of the Wave, where he found the Masters had modified the war tactics as he had suggested. [1]

Battle of Treacherous Pass Edit

This year Kakei was the highest ranking samurai in the Phoenix army which pursued the Unicorn invaders that retreated in the Treacherous Pass. During a meeting between the Pheonix leader, the Master of Fire Isawa Koiso, and the Moshi Daimyo Moshi Ikako, the Phoenix strategy was set. The Unicorn should not enter the Valley of the Centipede, so the Phoenix had to advance further into the pass, with no retreat possible. After a failed attempt of parley with the enemy leader Moto Tadasu, Koiso forbade any shugenja to participate in the incoming battle and relinquished command to Shiba Kakei. The Battle of Treacherous Pass was marked by the odd fortune of Tadasu, who had been reached by the Moto Curse. Tadasu and Kakei agreed to perform a duel to first blood which was eventually won by the Phoenix commander. The Unicorn Clan Champion Moto Naleesh appeared to accept the peace terms dictated by Koiso. [3]

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