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Shiba Kagi 
Shiba Kagi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Isawa Omoko

Shiba Kagi was the Kanjo district's governor at Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup. [1]

Family Edit

Kagi fell in love and married Isawa Omoko, who took his family name. [1]

District Governor Edit

The Isawa family chose Kagi as Kanjo governor because they intended him to be a figurehead. Kagi, who had expected to enact real change, requested permission to resign and to commit seppuku as soon as he realized it. [1]

Bargaining Edit

He was approached by two long-standing Kanjo representatives of the powerful Sentaku Tribunal, Kitsu Tanagi and Bayushi Kijensen. They bargained with Kagi to shrug off the Isawa and take charge of his appointed duty for a price. Kagi was informed that his wife had contacts with criminal heimin, so he was requested to catalog evidence of Omoko's betrayal which would be revealed to end the Isawa's political threat over the district. Kagi knew it would cost the life of his beloved wife. [1]

Isawa's bid of power Edit

Unknown to Kagi his wife had been blackmailed by the Isawa to conduct these criminal contacts, promising the Ritual of Forgetting if she refused. The last Sentaku's Kanjo representative, Isawa Tenjaku, had launched a bid for power in the district. Using intermediates he intended to take advantage of the Shiba's own honorable intentions against him. [2]

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