Shiba Jouta

Shiba Jouta

Shiba Jouta was a bushi yojimbo of the Phoenix Clan.

Training with the Dragon Edit

Jouta was fostered to train with the Dragon Clan when his angry, tempestuous nature set him at odds with the warrior-philosopher mentality of the Shiba. During his time with the Dragon Jouta gained a fascination with the strange, alchemical elixirs the Tamori family produce. [1]

Child Kidnappings Edit

Shiba Jouta 2

Shiba Jouta

In 1168 Jouta was assigned to investigate the kidnapping of over a dozen children villages to the south in Phoenix lands. Working with the aid of the ronin Motaro, the chidren were found in the Mountains of the Phoenix when Jouta and Motaro came upon a ritual being performed by the Cult of the Dead Moon, devoted to Onnotangu. The ritual sought to rise again the dead Moon. Jouta and Motaro attacked the cultists, Jouta slew the master of the cult, Bunrakuken, and the children were saved. [1]

Threat inside the Clan Edit

Jouta and Motaro found ciphered scrolls in the cultist's lair. The scrolls were dispateched and decoded by students of Asako Bairei. There were a number of references to sinister adversaries' and blasphemers' that dwelled within a city in the forest. The Phoenix guessed they were talking about the sacrosanct and unhabited City of Tears and sent Shiba magistrates to investigate. Jouta informed the Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Mirabu at Nikesake, who would assign Jouta to the group after their return. They never returned from the city. [1] Further investigations led in the destruction of a bloodspeaker cell led by Asako Kinuye. [2]

Destroyer War Edit

Jouta fought during the Destroyer War with bravery, being an example for others. [3]

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