Shiba Jaishu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: c. 1199

Shiba Jaishu was a bushi of the Phoenix Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Jaishu was always laughing, always cheerful. He had a great zeal, and exuberance, and an enthusiasm that merely by being present he made all else around him seem dimmer by comparison. [1]

Topaz Championship Edit

Jaishu was selected as one of the contenders in the Topaz Championship on the year of his gempukku. He did not emerge victorious, but brought honor to his clan, as Daidoji Ujirou and Hiruma Itta. He paid for all sake for any competitors who were present during the celebration that night, and Itta proved what a Crab could drink. [1]

Station Edit

Crab Lands Edit

Jaishu was fostered to the Crab, defending the Kaiu Wall alongside his friend Itta. In one of the Shadowlands incursions he killed a gigantic and wormlike oni. Jaishu had dumped jade powder all over himself and jumped in the thing's mouth. The jade burned it on the soft tissue inside, meanwhile, Jaishu stabbed the creature to death. [1]

Unicorn Lands Edit

In the Unicorn lands he met Utaku Sang-Ju. Once they were both trying to recover a herd that had been inadvertently freed during a wildfire, and Jaishu hopped atop the leader of the heard, and it went into a frenzy and raced across the plains for an hour. [1]

Death Edit

Jaishu fell ill and died during the winter of 1199. His friends and Shiba Michiki mourned him, making a remembrance of the moments they passed with him. [1]


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