Shiba Himitsu 
Shiba Himitsu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: (c. 1121)

Shiba Himitsu was the heir of Shiba Ujimitsu, the Phoenix Clan Champion.

Phoenix Champion's heir Edit

Himitsu was a young Phoenix Lord, and it was said the Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Ujimitsu was training the young lad to follow in his own footsteps. [1] Himitsu had been born as a bastard, and he was haunted by this fact. He used sake as a relaxation technique, [2] and was a fierce duelist. [3]

Setsuban festival Edit

Himitsu witnessed [4] a shugenja Setsuban Festival Tournament at Ki-Rin's Shrine. The Emperor Hantei XXXVIII had announced his niece Otomo Yoroshiku was ellegible for marriage in the festival. [5]

Asako winter court Edit

In 1121 Himitsu accompanied Ujimitsu to the Asako winter court at Shiro Gisu. [1]

Testimony Edit

Himitsu guessed Yoroshiku knew his bastardly lineage, and hated her for that. [2] During an improptu poetry contest Himitsu accused Yoroshiku was not of the imperial line. Another suitor samurai, Ryuden, challenged him to a duel. He would sponsor the testimony of the ronin bandit Niban, who had passed him this information. [6]

Death Edit

Himitsu's Death

Himitsu's Death

Unfortunately, Himitsu was murdered by Kakita Nantoko, a Scorpion spy in Crane guise, and agent of the Lying Darkness, before Niban could testify. Nantoko was Yogo Bashiko, a shadow branded Shosuro Assassin who morphed into Ryuden to commit the murder. [7]


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