Shiba Hayoto

Shiba Hayoto

Shiba Hayoto was a Phoenix Clan samurai

War with the Dragon Edit

Guarding the Border Edit

When the War of Fire and Snow began Hayoto was stationed at Floating Village. The surly and aggressive samurai was eager to halt any attempt for the Dragon to seize the village. [1]

Togashi Satsu Edit

Hayoto led a force of Phoenix in the attempted capture of Togashi Satsu in 1159. The Phoenix ambushed Satsu's entourage which was travelling to the Shrine of the Ki-Rin, but Hayoto was foiled by Hitomi Hogai's intervention. [2]

Oath of Vengeance Edit

Hayoto wished to hunt and kill Hitomi Hogai for an unknown reason [3], most likely due to his defeat in the attempt to capture Togashi Satsu.

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