Shiba Hayama 
Shiba Hayama 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1167, month of the Ox [1]

Shiba Hayama was a Phoenix Clan samurai.

Tainted Edit

Hayama fought at the Siege of Gisei Toshi in 1165. He was believed dead, [2] but had in fact been corrupted and become a bloodspeaker [3] in the service of Asako Kinuye. [citation needed]

War of the Fire and Thunder Edit

Hayama was a furious Phoenix loyalist. The War of Fire and Thunder had been engineered by Kinuye and Yoritomo Kitao, the former Mantis Clan Champion, to cripple both clans. When in 1167 the Battle of Broken Waves was in its peak, Hayama appeared leading a group of Bloodspeakers, and directed his forces in a ruthless assault that fouled a flanking maneuver of a Yoritomo legion. A volley of the gaijin tainted cannons of the Dark Wave Fleet killed him. [4]

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