Shiba Gyukudo

Shiba Gyukudo

Shiba Gyukudo was a samurai in service to Shiba Mirabu. [1]

Yojimbo Edit

Gyukudo was trained in the Shiba Yojimbo Academy. One of his charges was Isawa Jun, who joined the ranks of Kaneka. In the Shogun's camp Gyukudo was enraged with the presence of a ronin beside him. The yojimbo quickly began a fight with the masterless filth, unsheathing his blade against an unarmed opponent. Despite it the man managed to disarm and defeat Gyukudo, who soon knew the man's name and purpose there. He was Koan, a member of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, and his new sensei by Kaneka's command. [2]

Hidden City Edit

Gyukudo served Shiba Tsukimi in 1165 during the Siege of Gisei Toshi. [3] When they arrived the City, its defenses had been overrun. A tainted Akodo banner was in sight and Tsukimi decided to eliminate the Bloodspeaker officers. Asako Soun summoned some sort of fog to conceal them until they drew close. [4] They faced the tainted Akodo general, Akodo Tadenori, and Soun fired a white lightning bolt that struck the general, who disappeared. The battle ended when the City at was magically transported to another place, and the remnants of the samurai and Bloodspeaker armies retreating into the Mountains of the Phoenix. [5]

Anvil of Despair Edit

Gyukudo served as yojimbo of Asahina Juneko, an Imperial Cartographer. In 1166 they were traveling in the Twilight Mountains guided by a Toritaka. Juneko sensed a strong and ominous presence, and found the Anvil of Despair. They were attacked by a bowman, who killed their guide, and Gyukudo retaliated. A bloodspeaker, Tsi Shodu, son of the Fortune Xing Guo, had been owned the anvil for a time, until he was consumed and lost the cursed thing to others. He eagerly sought it, and when he saw they had found the Anvil tried to recover it through violence. Juneko convinced Gyukudo the only safe place for the nemuranai would be under the watch of Asahina Sekawa, the Jade Champion. They came with the Anvil to Shinden Asahina. Gyukudo swore to Sekawa he would keep the secret of the Anvil's location. [6]

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