Shiba Gensui

Shiba Gensui

Shiba Gensui was a Bushi of the Phoenix Clan. Gensui was a very talented at being a yojimbo of Shugenja in the army. He had a love of the sea.

Phoenix General Edit

Shiba Gensui 2

Shiba Gensui

After Shiba Tsukune became the Phoenix Clan Champion, Gensui was her successor as general of the Phoenix armies. [1]

Hidden Emperor Edit

Tsukune sent hired ronin alongside with Gensui and Shiba Katsuda to the Morikage Forest, where they expected to find the Hidden Emperor Toturi. [2]

Mantis Invasion Edit

Duel at Kyuden Isawa

Gensui dueling Denyaku

In 1132 the Yoritomo's Alliance besieged Kyuden Isawa, being muchof the Phoenix territory and strongholds under Mantis control. Shiba Tetsu decided to change his tactics and entered the Isawa Woodlands with his forces, beginning a guerrilla warfare against the invaders. Gensui was rushing to bring veteran forces to his side. [3] The fate of Kyuden Isawa was determined upon a personal duel between Yoritomo Denyaku [4] and Gensui, won by the Phoenix. [5]

War against Shadow Edit

Kage saving Gensui

Kage saving Gensui

The life of Gensui was saved by the Kolat Master Kage. A minion of the Shadow killed a decoy of Gensui who had been dropped by the kolat. [6] When the Mantis Invasion was halted, the kolat filled Gensui's pockets with gold to raise an army and marched to Volturnum [7] [8]

Fighting the Spirits Edit

During the War of Spirits Gensui stood against the Hida Tsuneo's spirit forces, but he wondered how such a legend could be defeated. [9]

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