Shiba Fukada 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1198 
Siblings: Un-named twin sister

Shiba Fukada of House Nasu was a bushi of the Phoenix Clan.

Family Edit

Fukada and his older twin sister were born in Kyuden Kankei, children of a couple of respected samurai of the Nasu family who fought in the War of the Twins. [1]

Nightmares Edit

When they were six years old, the siblings found a network of passages laid between the walls of the castle, reaching a secret room marked with long strings of cyphered words, and bones were scattered on the floor. There they saw their lord, Asako Bashi, who had a featureless face. Fukada forgot almost all what happened, and only he had insight of it when dreaming. [1]

Sister's Seppuku Edit

Fukada passed his gempukku in 1196, and shortly after his sister was betrothed to Bashi's son. She committed seppuku in one of the castle's waiting rooms, to avoid the wedding. Bashi died not much later. [1]

Death Edit

In 1198 Fukada burned to the ground the left wing of the castle and his ashes were buried there. He had hidden his gatherings, which were found by the Asako Inquisitors, but they could not find any trace of what he had described in his letters. The original blueprints of the castle claimed that the walls of Kyuden Kankei consisted of simple paper and wooden framework, being entirely modular and collapsable within the tracks separating each room. There was no simply space for anything between the walls. [1]


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