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Shiba Emiri

Shiba Emiri

Shiba Emiri was a Phoenix samurai-ko.

Demeanor Edit

Emiri was a talented warrior and skilled in tactics. Her quick wit made her a great commander of reseve forces that were commonly summoned or moved by magic to a battle as needed. Emiri was in the service to Toturi Kaede. Toturi Tsudao, Kaede's daughter, was her friend when youngers. After the death of Toturi I she was a firm loyalist and supporter to Tsudao which gave Emiri hope and inspiration. [citation needed]

Failed Yojimbo Edit

Emiri was the yojimbo of Isawa Nodotai, and was beside him in a diplomatic mission at Kyuden Hida in 1160. [1] During the Rain of Blood in 1165 her charge was corrupted, and Nodotai went on a rampage, as did many others, and the City of Remembrance had nearly burned to the ground. She spent the intervening years in a monastery, attempting to come to terms with what had happened. There she met Subuto. [2]

Dueling Edit

In 1168 at Pale Oak Castle, Emiri championed her charge, an Asako courtier, in the matter of his dispute with a member of the Scorpion ambassador's delegation. She dueled to first blood the offended party's champion, Bayushi Yumita, to determine who was in the right. [2]

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