Shiba Ekken 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Governor of Nikesake

Shiba Ekken was the Governor of Nikesake in the late 12th century.

Early Years Edit

Born at Nikesake, Ekken had black hair and deep, thoughtful brown eyes. He moved to Shiro Shiba when his father's posting was changed there. During his training as a bushi Ekken showed a natural gift for leadership, reaching the rank of Gunso before his twenty-fifth summer. [1]

Governor Edit

Ekken was appointed as governor of Nikesake replacing a distant cousin, who had been killed in an accident. The Phoenix Clan Champion confirmed him over the former governor's son, Shiba Kazuo, who had petitioned for the right to assume his father's post. Ekken found the Commander of the Provincial Guard, Shiba Seishisai, an officer willing to accept the guidance of civil authority. Ekken was indebted to Isawa Kuki, the Blue Tiled Room sensei, who had shown him some of the intricacies of courtly action. Before small problems became large ones, Ekken sought advise from the Priestess Chinone to know how smooth out them. A special costume was that the governor had to wear magnificent hats, at all time, and Ekken hated hats. [1]

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