Shiba Chikai was a samurai-ko born to the 3rd generation following Shiba's death, and was famous for her absolute devotion to duty and honor. Among the Shiba her discipline and compassion were legendary. She was offered positions of great rank and prestige on many occasions, but she always declines. She always claims that her existence was to fulfill the duty of her ancestor: to protect the Isawa family. [1]

Yojimbo Edit

Chikai's valor and selflessness gained her a position as yojimbo to the Master of Water, the most powerful man at that time in the Phoenix lands. They said the Elemental Master was also smitten with Chikai, but she rebuffed every advance. Eventually, he became very abrasive toward her, even verbally abusing her in public. In spite of this, Chikai remained calm and continued to fulfill her duties. [1]

Death Edit

After years of faithful service, Chikai and the Master of Water were traveling from Kyuden Isawa to Otosan Uchi when they were attacked by a band of assasins. The Master was badly wounded, and Chikai sent him on while she stayed to stall the attackers. The Master barely survived and was healed by a herbalist in a nearby village, but Chikai perished, taking all ten of the assasins with her into death. The Master was so distraught over her death that he retired to a monastery shortly thereafter. [1]

The Order of Chikai Edit

After her death, the Elemental Masters decided to honor the selfless act of Chikai by creating an elite cadre of bushi to serve as yojimbo for the Council of Five. It was then called the Order of Chikai, named after the most revered of warriors among the Shiba. [2]


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