The Shiba Bushi School was the main Shiba Bushi dojo.

Training Edit

Students were taught in single combat, as well as skirmishes and mass battles. This training particularly emphasized skill at dodging attacks, so the Shiba bushi were quick, agile, and light on the feet. It also focused on seeking the perfect balance between body, mind, and soul. Shiba Bushi had a particularly deep connection to the Void element. They were well known throughout the Empire as yojimbo. [1]

Duelists Edit

Only a select number of students were trained in iaijutsu, those with the potential to become both expert warriors and masters of meditation. The school keps only three sensei who specialized in instruction in iaijutsu and taught advanced dueling techniques which dated back to the rulership of the Gozoku, in the late 4th and early 5th centuries. [2]


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