Shiba Bunjaku

Shiba Bunjaku

Shiba Bunjaku was a samurai of the Phoenix Clan.

Bunjaku was one of the best at using the Dance of the Elements teachings of the Shiba to aid in magic movement that targeted her. Also she was a masterful rider of great skill even tho she did not have a steed of her own. [citation needed]

Station Edit

She was stationed in Mori Isawa, and vowed to die before letting anyone ever defile the forest. [1]

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

In 1167 Bunjaku had became a gunso and she was stationed in the Agasha coastline in the War of Fire and Thunder. Bunjaku had been resentful of her post being moved to the coast, but she had not expected the majesty of the sea to affect her so deeply. Some part of her would always miss this place once she returned home. [2]

Battle of Broken Waves Edit

In her patrols scouting the sea Bunjaku was the first to see the entire Mantis fleet sailing [2] toward the Isawa coastline, where it would be fought the Battle of Broken Waves, the las battle of the war. [3]

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