The Shiba Barracks were built at Honored Treaty City.

Founding Edit

After the Lion withdrawal during the War of Fire and Snow in 1159, Shiba Aikune had had a violent confrontation with the remaining Lion advisors, so the barracks were constructed in only two weeks by Aikune and Asako shugenja to defend the city against a possible Lion retaliation. Due to the building's hasty magical construction the ceiling in the eastern wing was abnormally low, floors in the kitchens were sharply slanted, and the basements were almost entirely inaccessible, as the door­ ways were too narrow. [1]

Mujina Edit

The bizarre construction of the fortress was no fault of Aikune or his shugenja, but the effect of a family of mujina using their magic to tamper with the fortress' layout soon after it was built. [1]

Known Commanders Edit


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