The Shiba Army was the military might of the Phoenix Clan. It consisted of forty-eight legions. [1]

Organization Edit

The Shiba Army barracks were located at Shiro Shiba, [1] and its military was broken into three groups: Forward Guard, Rear Guard, and the Standing Army. [2]

Elemental Guard Edit

The part of Isawa school devoted specifically to combat, the Elemental Guard, had been broken down into individual legions. Those shugenja with an emphasis on Earth magic make up the First Legion as the Avalanche Guard, Fire magic made up the Firestorm Legion in the Third Legion, Air magic as the Hurricane Initiates in the Fifth Legion, and Water magic as the Tsunami Legion in the Seventh Legion. The legions filled their ranks with fully trained shugenja as well as a significant number of initiates, acolytes, and students. [1]

Shiba Legions Edit

Each legion of shugenja was attended by a legion of Shiba troops who are specially trained to interact with that legion. The Avalanche Guard was followed by the Legion of Stone, the Firestorm Legion by the Legion of Flame, the Hurricane Initiates by the Legion of Wind, and the Tsunami Legion by the Legion of the Wave. These soldiers had received extensive training in working alongside shugenja. [3]

Recent Deployments Edit

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

The entire Mantis Clan fleet sailed on the Isawa coastland in a winner-take-all assault, in the Battle of Broken Waves [4] to clash the Shiba Army and the Council of Five, who were waiting for them. As the battle progressed the Dark Wave Fleet appeared and assaulted both forces. After the defeat of the Dark Wave, the Phoenix negotiated their surrender. [5]

Khan's Defiance Edit

The Shiba Army was deployed during the Battle of Toshi Ranbo in 1169 to stop the fighting between the different parties. They stayed as an occupation force maintaining the order in the Imperial City for a time. [3]

Failed intervention in the Third Yasuki War Edit

The Shiba Army led by the Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Tsukimi intervened in the Third Yasuki War as peacemakers. The Crab and Crane fronts ceased to crash against one another and now, instead, they unified and turned against the Phoenix. The Phoenix realized it and withdrew their forces out of the Yasuki lands. [6]

Details Edit

Army Composition Edit

Below are some of the legions and units present in the Shiba Army: [3]

First Legion Avalanche Guard
Second Legion Legion of Stone
Third Legion Firestorm Legion
Fourth Legion Legion of Flame
Fifth Legion Hurricane Initiates
Sixth Legion Legion of Wind
Seventh Legion Tsunami Legion
Eighth Legion Legion of the Wave
Ninth Legion, First Company Shiba Elite Guard

Notable Commanders Edit

Officers of Note Edit


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