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Shiba Arai

Shiba Arai

Shiba Arai was a bushi of the Phoenix Clan.

Yojimbo Edit

Arai was a dutifull Yojimbo that was a very talented duelist being known to championing many shugenja that asked him to take their place. [citation needed]

Shiba Aikune Edit

He was one of the first to follow Shiba Aikune, being one of the best companions and defenders of him. [1] After Aikune seized the Isawa's Last Wish, Arai counseled him to draw power from it. Aikune decided to listen Shiba Mirabu, his other yojimbo, who counseled restraint. [2]

War of Fire and Snow Edit

Arai fought agains the Dragon Clan in the Dragon-Phoenix War. [3]

Last Wish Unleashed Edit

Arai felt the power of the Last Wish when he was transported magically to Shiro Shiba from the Temple of the Last Wish, shortly before the Wish destroyed the temple and the mountain where the temple sat. [3]

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