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Shiba Akutiso

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Shiba Akutiso 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1123

Shiba Akutiso was a samurai-ko of the Phoenix Clan.

Courted Edit

Akutiso lived at Otosan Uchi where she was courted by two samurai, Daidoji Rubaiten and Ikoma Nejire, a Lion shugenja trained in the Isawa Shugenja school. [1]

Death Edit

During the first day of the Scorpion Coup the Scorpion released all the prisoners of Kyuden Kokai. Among them was a group of rebels determined to exact revenge upon the Scorpion for their assault, who were led by Akutiso. During the escape a Bayushi guardsman killed her, and in turn was killed by Rubaiten and Nejire. [2]


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