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Shiba Akiko was a samurai-ko of the Phoenix Clan.

Failed Courtier Edit

Akiko was an optimistic woman of good nature. Her charming and outgoing demeanor allowed Akiko to join the Asako Loremaster school, where she expected to thrive as a courtier. However, the idealism of youth had taken a firm hold on Akiko's soul, and insisted on speaking out at moments that was necessary to keep silent because it was impolite. She also confronted those who attempted to manipulate or make distortions of law and etiquette. After one year of schooling, Akiko was sent back to her family to be trained in the Shiba Bushi school. [1]

Station Edit

Akiko was appointed to Kyuden Kurogane-Hana as a yojimbo to an Asako diplomat, Asako Nishi. She fell in love with her charge, but kept her emotions in check as he was married. [2]

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