Shiba Akihisa 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Shiba Jakuchu

Shiba Akihisa was the interim Provincial Governor under the rule of Shiba Ujimitsu. [1]

Hunter Edit

Akihisa and his older brother Shiba Jakuchu were taught the art of hunting by their father, a tradition inherited since Akihisa's grandfather spent some time among the Unicorn. [1]

Brother's Death Edit

Jakuchu became the Provincial Governor after his father. During one of the huntings they met with creatures that had long fingers and curling tails, and in the ensuing fight Jakuchu was killed. Akihisa petitioned Shiba Ujimitsu for the stewardship of his brother's lands, and to send the troops that he required to eliminate the menace dwelling along his northern borders. [1]

Murderer Edit

Secretely, Akihisa had seen an opportunity to replace his brother when they met the creature pack. An enemy arrow had killed his horse, so Akihisa took his blade and struck his brother down. Using the only surviving horse, Jakuchu rode home to claim the family's lands. [2]


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