Shi-Khan Wastes

Shi-Khan Wastes

The Shi-Khan Wastes were an area within the Shadowlands comprised of miles of twisted terrain filled with pits of acid and stretches of foul marsh.

During the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, the scouts of the Unicorn Clan declared the area "relatively safe." The classification came only because the land held no use to either side of the battle, and it was therefore unlikely to spill into the Wastes. because of this, the Council of Five chose the Wastes as the location to stage an elaborate ritual that would transport troops instantly to Volturnum. Unfortunately for the Phoenix, their use of magic made the area more visible to the Shadowlands forces, who quickly overtook them. [1]

Yakamo Edit

Hida Yakamo was captured by Moto Tsume in in 1132 when traveling through the Wastes, during the Crab attempt to reach the Kaiu Wall to call reinforcements in the besieged Hiruma Castle. [2]

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