The Sheel Kingdom was located hundred of kilometers West of the Burning Sands.

Ancestors Edit

The Sheel were descendants of the Hanif people. They split from the Hanif and formed a separate Kingdom. The Hanif had left their original lands, to be far from their former kin who had formed the expansionistic Yodotai nation. [1]

Society Edit

The King ruled over the nobility, but the nobles had their own power. They had a powerful army, based on the Medium and Heavy Infantry. [2]

Yodotai Edit

The Yodotai Empire reached the borders of the Sheel Kingdom. They used to conquer the lands with their mighty army, but when the Yodotai Warlord Piron knew the Sheel were descendants of the Hanif, the original people of the Yodotai, he decided to annex the nation without a bloodshed. Piron began to make arrangements with Sheel nobles disappointed with their King. After ten years, in 1110, the traitors in the nobility deposed their king, and swore fealty to the Yodotai. The free Sheel Kingdom came to an end, [1] in the day called the Overthrow of the Sheel. [3]

Armor and shield Edit

The Half-plate armor, the Yodotai chain mail, and the scutum were versions the Yodotai made after they saw the originals that their cousins wore. [4]


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