The Shazaar, the title given to leader of the diplomatic scouts, [1] trained to interact with other races and cities. [2]

Awakening Edit

The Shazaar was one of the first naga to awaken from the Great Sleep, in 1119, [3] and was horrified to discover a new civilization had risen up where the naga had once been. She infilitrated the half-naga race by changing her shape, and learned their language. She could also sense the rising of a dark force to the south. Part of her wished to be asleep once more, but another part hoped she would be joined by others of her race soon. [4]

Falcon villages Edit

In 1122 the Shazaar was seen by Rokugani within the Falcon lands and mistakenly mixed up with Shadowlands creatures. [1] When reports of this event were passed to the Crab they were insulted by his description of the Naga as "escapees" from the Shadowlands. The Crab instead conquered the village. [5]

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  • Shazaar (Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll 2)


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