Born: Unknown 
Died: 1159

Shasyahkar was a Naga Jakla who severed his link with the Akasha to escape from a twisted fellow, Ghedai. He was instrumental in the awaken of several Asp warriors and sacrificed himself to keep the safety of his sleep brethren.

Shashakar's sacrifice Edit

In 1132 the Shashakar passed his Bright Eye spells to his successor, Shasyahkar, before his sacrifice to the Pale Eye's pearl [1] to return to life the Crab Clan Champion Hida Yakamo. [2] When Lying Darkness's minions attacked the Naga city of Siksa, near Shinomen Mori's edge, Yakamo and the Shasyahkar led their Naga army crushing the enemy utterly. Yakamo ordered the Naga to amass all their forces in a single great army to stand against the Darkness. [3]

Remaining Awake Edit

Shasyahkar 2


Ghedai was one of the shapers of the Golden Pearl called the Legacy of the Naga. [4] When the naga returned to the Great Sleep Shasyahkar remained awake as a guard of his sleeping race. [5]

Ghedai Edit

In 1159 Shasyahkar refused to share the knowledge of creating the Golder Pearl with Ghedai, who in turn magically attacked Shasyahkar. Shasyahkar fled and severed himself from the Akasha, breaking the link Ghedai could use to trace him again. Not sharing the naga mind gradually caused Shasyahkar to fade, diminish and would certainly end in his death. [4]

Akasha Edit

Shasyahkar met Akasha and warned her about the dark intentions of Ghedai, and his lust for power. Akasha allowed Ghedai to teach her until she was prepared to face him. Shasyahkar secretely became her sensei and gave lessons about Pearl Magic. [4]

Kolat Connections Edit

Shasyahkar discovered the relations between Ghedai and the Kolat, and revealed them to his student Akasha through dreams. [6] Ghedai had sold the secret of the Pearl Beds to the Kolat and paid them gold to retrieve certain pearls for him. [7]

Death Edit

In 1159 [8] Ghedai had prepared a ritual that would a allow the performer to share his soul with the Akasha. Ghedai suggested Moto Chen to became the new general of a naga army, with awaken Asp warriors. As side effect the Junghar would be his pawn. The ritual began but instead the Unicorn was Shasyahkar who was the performer. He had been shapeshifted in Chen with a Pearl of Chameleon Skin, and his soul shared again the Akasha. They began a magic fight but Ghedai's power was greater. The last magic blow killed Shaskayar's soul, but the ritual binded both souls, and Ghedai died as well. [7]

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