The Sharing Rings of Soshi Jiro was a pair of powerful and dangerous rings. Supposedly Soshi Jiro was the ring's artisan.

Bind Edit

The owner of each ring was bound to the other ring, until death. If it was thrown away, or even buried, the ring would appear the next morning on his body. [1]

Abilities Edit

The two rings form a resonance between the two owners. If the ring was put in an eye he would see what was seen by the other wearer, if put in the ear, what the other heared, if put in the hand it would motion as the hand of the other. As a side effect the two wearers become close and closer psychi­cally, until they shared dreams, which would lead a wearer to believe he was mad. [1]

Danger Edit

If bolh wearers would do the same action at the same time, and if it happened, their two minds and souls were flung together in a terrible confu­sion that left both forever insane. It had also been documented that if one ol the ring holders killed the other, the shock of release could be deadly to the slayer as well. [1]


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