Shanshien was the water kami of the Three Stone River.

Leaving the River Edit

In 1114 it abandoned its home, [1] taken human form as the shinpu of the temple Yaruki Jukko. The kami had sensed a human who had a great affinity with the elements, a former Scorpion who was wandering Rokugan, and drew him to the temple. [2]

Guiding Tankenka Edit

The kami revealed to the ronin, known as Tankenka, in the form of the spirit of the late shinpu. The supposed ancestor explained him the temple was corrupted, only an undercover of a six hundred years old Scorpion operative to claim Kenson Gakka. Tankenka was guided by the spirit becoming the new shinpu of the Order. [2]

Merging with the Kami Edit

In 1118, during a terrible fever, Tankenka saw Sanshien for what it really was, and terrified attacked it. Sanshien rebelled, overpowering him. The kami fused with the body of Tankenka, and permanently subduing Tankenka's conscious mind. The monk changed his name to Noshin, a term typically reserved for those who have gained enlightenment in their lifetime. [2]

Released Edit

Noshin was found by Kakera, a zokujin spirit-speaker who wished the return of the kami to the river. The water of the river had become stagnant and mire without the presence of the kami, corrupting the rocks beside it, the natural food of the Zokujin. Eventually, Kakera aided Noshin in separating himself from Shanshien, returning it to its home in Three Sides River, where it began to repair the damage done over the six years of its absence. [3]


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