The Shameswords were several corrupted blades created by the mad monk Kokujin using the Anvil of Despair.

Bloodswords Edit

The Bloodswords were amongst the most terrible dark-artifacts ever created, and many maho-tsukai attempted to recreate the feat of Yajinden. It wasn't until the 12th century when the madman Kokujin succeeded in creating a new set of blades. [1]

The Forging Edit

Kokujin's plan was never fully understood, but somehow he used the legendary Anvil of Despair to forge several swords. Each one was crafted from the soul of a disgraced Dragon hero, and contained a distilled version of the sins of the soul used. As with many cursed Nemuranai the blades seemed to have a malevolent will of their own, appearing to be able to move around under their own power and choosing their bearers. It might be possible that Kokujin choose their bearers, but this is unclear. [1]

Kokujin's Challenge Edit

In 1159 Kokujin issued a challenge to the Dragon Clan, asking them to send their seven finest warriors to attempt and end their conflict once and for all. [2] This was a trap designed to capture the seven, create more bloodswords and free the First Oni so Kokujin could learn the true name of Fu Leng. [3] The oni was defeated, as was Kokujin, but not before he could create three more shameswords.[citation needed]

Shameswords Edit

"I forged ten Shameswords, each born of the souls of dead would-be heroes. I gave the batch to my friend, Daigotsu. He will see that they fall into the hands of appropriate wielders."

Kokujin created a total of twelve Shameswords. The inital group of ten he gifted to Daigotsu, to do with as he pleased. The final two were created in 1159 in the ruins of Shiro Heichi, the pair becoming Kokujin's Daisho. [3]

Item Created By First Used By Currently Used By Soul
Blade of Fury Kokujin Asako Tsuruko Mirumoto Kenzo Mirumoto Junnosuke ?
Blade of Hubris Kokujin Unknown Doji Jotaro Agasha Tamori ?
Blade of the Meek Kokujin Unknown Unknown Tamori Chieko
Blade of Penance Kokujin Hiruma Todori The Dragon Clan Hitomi Akuai ?
Blade of Slaughter Kokujin Unknown Unknown Hitomi Kobai
Unknown Kokujin Bayushi Tsimaru Bayushi Tsimaru Unknown
Blade of Guile Kokujin Shosuro Atesharu Shosuro Atesharu Unknown


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