Shamate Pass

Shamate Pass

Shamate Pass was a minor pass discovered in the ruins of the former Beiden Pass. [1] It was located near the village of Beiden. [2]

Discovery Edit

Following the destruction of Beiden Pass there was no longer any easy route across the Spine of the World Mountains. The Scorpion scouts who discovered the pass informed the Lion of its existence and entered into an agreement wherein the Scorpion defended the northern entrance to the pass and the Lion defended the southern entrance. [3] It was by happenstance that Matsu Hataki, while searching for his lover's killers, came upon the small pass. [1] Hataki had been married to Bayushi Shamate, who joined her husband's family as Matsu Shamate. She had died shortly thereafter of mysterious causes. [3]

Naming Edit

Hataki encountered the nine men, including Bayushi Kuemon [4] [5], responsible for Bayushi Shamate's death. He fought and killed all nine, although succumbed to the wounds he suffered shortly after. The Pass was named for his lover, to keep her memory alive. [1] [6] [7] A peasant hid in the nearby rocks had witnessed the battle and carried word of it to Matsu Nimuro, who ordered that the pass be named in honor of Hataki's love. The Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Yojiro agreed, and both clans agreed to use the pass in peace. [3]

Protection Edit

Situated between Lion and Scorpion lands [8] saw an uncharacteristic level of co-operation between the two clans, which many believed to be unable to last. [1]

Oni's Eye Edit

In 1170 the Scorpion Clan rebuilt a temple south of the mountains a day's travel from the Pass. Inside they gathered the scrolls recovered from the Hidden Temple, which in turn had been stolen from Otosan Uchi by the kolat. Beneath the temple they secretely located the Oni's Eye. [9]

Scorpion - Lion Conflict Edit

In 1199 Lion made allegations that the Scorpion were using trade caravans to move information and spies through Shamate Pass under the pretense of supplying their fortifications at the Second Pit. Eventually, conflict escalated and war was petitioned by the Lion. [10] After their defeat at the Second Pit the Lion were routed from Shamate Pass in the year 1200. [11] The Matsu counterattack seized the pass and the Lion forces entered the Scorpion territory. [12]

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