Shakuhachi of Air
Shakuhachi of air
Created by: Oracle of Air
First used by: Ikoma Masote
Currently in the possession of: Utaku Mai

The Shakuhachi of Air was created by the Oracle of Air when the Oracles of Light got together to create the Elemental Nemuranai.

The Oracles retired from Ningen-do Edit

In 1160 the Oracles of Light decided to retreat from the Mortal Realm for a time, to watch the people of Rokugan from the Celestial Heavens. Only the Oracle of Jade would remain among the people. Before they left each Oracle gifted an enchanted item that beared the power of an Elemental Dragon. [1]

Appearance and Powers Edit

The Shakuhachi was a flute made of coarse unfinished bamboo, engraved around its circumference with unreadable kanji. A red silken cord was tied around it just below the mouthpieces. [2] The Shakuhachi's initial effect was soothing, resting the weary minds of those who listened to its melodious tones, but also made its listeners so calm that they would find it difficult to rouse themselves for battle. [3]

Lion Clan Edit

It was the Ikoma Omoidasu Ikoma Masote who discovered the shakuhachi. He was chronicling the War of the Rich Frog diligently, but secretly as becoming disillusioned with the horrors of war. While seeking some means to ease the suffering around him he came upon the shakuhachi. When in the Lion encampment he eased the troubles weighing on many Lion samurai's minds when he played the shakuhachi. The following days Masote's playing was in high demand, so he performed in Lion camps across the battlefield. When playing the shakuhachi for samurai right before a battle, the negative side effects of the Shakuhachi became apparent. [3]

Unicorn Clan Edit

Shakuhachi of Air 2

Mai playing the Shakuhachi of Air

In 1199 the Shakuhachi was found by Utaku Mai. [4]

Known Wielders Edit

External Links Edit


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