Shakoki Dogu Effigy

Shakoki Dogu Effigy

Shakoki Dogu Effigies were tiny stone dolls created by the Shakoki Dogu spirit that haunted the Twilight Mountains, containing the evil of the First Oni to prevent it from returning to the mortal realm. [1]

Appearance Edit

The dolls had deformed limbs and wide staring eyes, and they could frequently be found lying near mysterious stone circles created by the Shakoki Dogu. They were formed from the mountain rock and possessed a shred of the Shakoki Dogu's awareness. [1]

Demeanor Edit

The effigies were the spirit's attempt to understand the mortal realm, a reflection of how it perceived humanity. When the Shakoki Dogu wished, it could animate these dolls. They possessed extraordinary magical powers, but never speak, except to occasionally whisper the Shakoki Dogu's name. For this reason, many explorers had assumed that dolls were Shakoki Dogu. The dolls were ultimately controlled by the Shakoki Dogu, and could behave quite strangely or even violently as they carried out that spirit's wishes. Shakoki Dogu effigies pretended to be inanimate dolls until they could gauge the purpose of an enemy. If they were attacked or damaged in any way, or the enemy seemed to bear ill will toward the Twilight Mountains, the dolls attacked. [1]

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