Born: Unknown 
Died: Pre-calendar 
Titles: Asp Leader

The Shahismael was the Asp Leader of the Bloodland Wars.

Bloodland Wars Edit

The Shahismael was a brilliant and quick-witted Naga who innately understood tactics and leadership. He had the strength and charisma to pull the entire Asp Bloodline under his command. The Naga Empire was composed by Five Kingdoms, each formed by a different Naga Bloodlines and ruled by one Lord. The Shahismael wanted his own bloodline race to win over the others. [1] During the Bloodland Wars his kingdom subjugated the peaceful Greensnake Bloodline, and attacked the Cobra kingdom. [2]

Defeat Edit

The Qatol, one of the Shahismael's most powerful underlings, realized that he could hear the screams of their enemies through the Akasha, and drew the forces of the Cobra and the Constrictor to his side. [3] The Shahadet, the Shahismael's first lietutenant, horrified by his Lord's madness, killed him during battle, [2] plunging his weapon into the Shahismael's back. [4] The Cobra decided his soul would be severed from the Akasha, so he would never reincarnate. [2]

Severed from the Akasha Edit

The Naga Vedic contained the soul of the Shahismael at the deepest reach of the Akasha, chained to the souls of those he enslaved. [2] The Shahismael struggled to find a way to spread his madness through the Akasha. If they would succeed he would lose his identity, but the entire Naga race would be filled with his bloodlust. [5]

Aftermath Edit

The Shahismael spurred the actions that led to the formation of Naga civilization as a cohesive whole. Until his war, each Naga bloodline only thought of the welfare of its own. The Shahismael's cruelty united all others against him, and the Naga Empire was born. [1]

The Dark Naga Edit

When the Thunder Dragon fell to the mortal realm in 1173, the Shahismael awakened and emerged from a Black Pearl, powerful and terrible beyond all imagining. Its power over the akasha was absolute. [6] From within the Black Pearl emerged a creature who represented all that was sinister and inhuman. The thing had no name, but its soul was the soul of the Shahismael himself. Casting aside his former identity, the creature simply referred to himself as the Dark Naga. [7] All who had been cast out from the Akasha, all returned to the Akasha by the power of the hatched being. The abominations joined him of their own free will, because the Dark Naga could restore their ability to feel the one mind. [4] They began a war against the Emerald Empire in 1198, the War of Serpents, and the Imperial Governor of the Colonies was one of their first victims. [8]

See also Edit

Preceded by:
Asp Leader
Succeeded by:
The Shahadet


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