Shahai's Fan 
Shahai's Fan
Created by: Daigotsu
First used by: Shahai
Currently in the possession of: Shahai

The Shahai's Fan was a gift made by Daigotsu to Shahai after the Fall of Otosan Uchi. Shahai was rearely seen without it after that day.

Appearance Edit

It was made of black silk with gilded points in each rib of the fan. The ribs was said they were carved from the bone of a child. The silk was painted with black, silver and red runes, being the two sides of the fan distinct.

Shahai's Fan 2

Shahai's Fan

Abilities Edit

The fan was a pool of blood for maho spells and caused fear in its vicinity.

External Links Edit


  • Bloodspeakers, p. 32

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