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Shahadet's Legion

Shahadet's Legion

Shahadet's Legion was a naga unit led by Shahadet. It was also known as the Asp Legion. [1]

Training Edit

Legionnaires were trained in a fighting style that developed both lightning-fast melee strikes and development of the Naga penchant for archery. A common tactic was to exact heavy casualties with pinpoint archery, then discarded their bows in favor of blades when their weakened opponents finally reached them. [2]

Holy River Edit

Each year the legionnaires bathered at the source of the Holy River within the Siksa's walls to commune with the warriors of the past. Whenever a new Asp was inducted into the Legion, he was bathed in the river by his comrades, who told him of his faults, and how to overcome them. [3]

Service Edit

The Legion most likely saw service under the command of Shahadet on the Second Day of Thunder in 1128, [4] and then again against Hitomi and the Dragon Clan in 1132. [5]

Known Great Lesson Edit

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