Born: Unknown 
Parents: Farah 
Titles: Leader of the Great Caravan of Mysticism

Shagala, the "Damned", was a Ra'Shari Diviner, Crystal-Reader of the Twelfth Chronicle and Witness to Chronicle's End. [1]

Family Edit

Shagala was daughter of Farah. [2] She had gained all her mother's power and none of her father's control. [3] Her grandfather and sensei was Moto Jangir. [4]

Demeanor Edit

Shagala earned a reputation as an uncontrolled enraged being, a direful woman between her kin. She was not truly as the other said, but used her reputation on her advantage. [1]

Yodotai Edit

Shagal was favored by the Leader Ra'Shari, the Living Memory. [1] He tasked her to find and guide a Yodotai group lost in the Burning Sands. She performed the mission and gathered the Yodotai to the Ra'Shari Caravan. [2]

Chronicles Edit

Shagala was the Accuser of the First Chronicle. [5]

Awakening Edit

Shagala saw a new star, the Morning Star in the sky. While she was telling it to his mentor, Jangir began to fade. The gods of the First Age were dead, the time of heroes, the Second Age, was done. A new age was waiting its heirs. Jangir burst into a cloud of sparkling lights, rising up to meet the heavens. [4] During the events of the Awakening many of her friends died in the desert. [6]

Caravan of Mysticism Edit

Shagala became the leader of the Great Caravan of Mysticism. She foresaw a danger near the pillars of Qaharaba and moved the caravan to the Moto Oasis. [7]

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