Shadowlands Marsh

The Shadowlands Marsh

The Shadowlands Marshes of Shinomen was a small area within Shinomen Mori that was corrupted by the Shadowlands Taint.

Creation Edit

Shadowlands Marsh 2

The Shadowlands Marsh

Shadowlands Army Sneaks Edit

In the year 815 [1] a Shadowlands Army led by a powerful Gaki sought a way into Rokugan through the forest. The Empire was focused in the Return of the Ki-Rin and it gave a window of opportunity to exploit. They found a Naga temple in their way and destroyed it. [2]

Destruction of the Horde Edit

The death of the Naga eggs sent a shockwave through the Akasha, awakening a large number of Asps and Constrictors. The army was ambushed by the Naga, who struck down them with their Pearl Magic, reducing many of their enemies to a viscous ichor that seeped into the ground corrupting it. [2]

Corrupted Area Edit

The taint could not be eliminated as easily, and a small corrupted marsh was all that remained. The Cobra warded the marsh with glyphs to prevent the corruption from spreading further. [3] Nukarumi, bizarre, semi-solid monstrosities, dwelled there since, [2] as well as Tsumunagi (blood eels), Nikumizu (heart grubs), Marsh Trolls, Swamp Goblins, and the muck monsters known as Sanshu Denki. Even the vegetation was predominantly Tainted, from Takesasu (stinger plants), to Fudoshi (tanglevines), to Jinmenju, the “peach tree” whose fruit took the form of a screaming, fanged head. [4]

Spider Clan Edit

Shinomen Marsh 2

Spider building in the Shadowlands Marsh

The marshes were later used by the fledgling Spider Clan as one of their secret bases of operation, as no human or denizen of the forest ever ventures within its boundaries. [5] [6] The Spider's Lair became the first capital of the new clan. [7]

Gagoze no Oni Edit

Gagoze no Oni was an oni that crawled fully formed from the Shadowlands Marsh, it inexplicably emerged from its foul depths and casually dismissed the Naga wards. It was the unique among its kind in that it neither came through a portal from Jigoku nor was it summoned by the will of a mortal. [8]

External Links Edit

Shadowlands Marshes of Shinomen

The Shadowlands Marshes of Shinomen


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