Shadowlands Army Expansion

Clan War: Shadowlands Army Expansion cover

Clan War: Shadowlands Army Expansion was the sourcebook for the Shadowlands Horde in the Clan War Miniatures Game for Legend of the Five Rings.

Credits Edit

Cris Dornaus and Rob Vaux, and Shadowlands: Bearers of Jade by Chriss Hepler and Jennifer Brandes

  • "Kappuksu's Story" by Ree Soesbee
  • Cover Artwork: Carl Frank
  • Interior Artwork: Chris Dornaus and Carl Frank
  • Artwork Prepress: Steve Hough and Brendon Goodyear
  • Interior Layout: Brendon Goodyear
  • Editing: D.J. Trindle and Ken Carpenter
  • Playtesters: Mathew Manders, Micheal Manders, Shawn Megaw, Brian Pugnier, Jeff Stolt, Jay "J" Hainey, Mike Derouchie, Will Eames, Justice Sommer, Shane Anderson, Mark Greenwald, Paul Johnson, Shane Lindstrom, Randy Martin, Brian Olea, Greg Osburn, Steve Wagner, Frank Martin, Mike Faneros, Jacob Lamitie, Bob King, Mark Perneta, Leland James, Peter Orfanos, Eric Lamonica, Gabriel Hosterman, Heath Marks, Kevin Tseng, Scott Lemaster, Roy Bagett, Boyd Kleen, Geoff Schaller, Joe Keyser, Jim Callahan, Barney James, Brent Burdine, Evan Schakmann, CJ Dunningan, Dominic Johnson, Duncan Barrow, Jeff Bachccetti, Stephen Rill, Rob Bowes, Shawn Raville
  • Clan War Miniatures Sculptors: Bob Charrette, Chris Fitzpatrick, Sandra Garrity, C. Brad Gorby, Jeff Grace, Julie Guthrie, Bobby Jackson, Jim Johnson, Tom Meier, Dennis Mize, Bob Murch, Bob Olley, Tim Prow, Bob Ridolfi, Steve Saunders, Clint Staples, Dave Summers

Table of Contents (page 3) Edit

Akuma no Oni 4

Akuma no Oni

Section One: Overview, by Kuni Mokuna (page 4) Edit

Kappuksu's Story (page 10) Edit

Section Two: Rules (page 12) Edit

Magic Mud 3

Magic Mud Goblin

Rules Addition Edit

Expanded Rules Edit

Rules Errata (page 18) Edit

Shuten Doji (page 20) Edit

Section Three: Shadowlands Forces (page 22) Edit

Yogo Junzo 6

Yogo Junzo

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