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Shadow Samurai

A Shadow Samurai

Shadow Samurai, also known as Kagemusha, were Samurai who died in the Shadowlands and whose soul did not pass to Meido. They were forced to fight their way out of Jigoku, leading to Gaki-do, the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts. Normally this journey would drive any mad and result in their seeking vengeance after their return to the Realm of Mortals. [1] [2]

Limitations Edit

A Shadow Samurai could not lie, and must answer truthfully any question posed by someone who knew the kagemusha's true name. Shadow Samurai had a twisted sense of honor, and always attempted to rationalize a dishonorable act. [3]

Pure Shadow Samurais Edit

In rare cases, a Shadow samurai was able to return to the mortal world unscathed. They entered Yomi, becoming powerful Shiryo. They did not gain the taint. [3] One of the best known Pure Shadow Samurai was Hida Sukune. [4]

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