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Originally given out as a promo during the pre-release of the expansion set Enemy of my Enemy, the price of Shadow Dragon (Experienced) as it was first printed rose steadily to new heights in the secondary market. As a 7 force cavalry personality that will never bow, will return from the dead at the beginning of every turn, and has an ability that would take control of a personality permanently and move it into the battle, it was not too difficult to see where the appeal laid. After two erratas- the first making the control of the personality non-permanent and the second forcing the player to pay the cost of Shadow Dragon every turn to bring it back from the grave- it was finally reprinted as a rare in Lotus Edition.

Statistics Edit

Card Type Personality
Affiliation Shadowlands
Force 7
Chi 4
Honor Requirement -
Gold Cost 15
Personal Honor 0

Creature * Cavalry * Ninja * Experienced * Unique * Shadowlands

Shadow Dragon cannot bow. After your Straighten Phase end, if Shadow Dragon is dead in your discard pile,you may bring it into play, paying all costs.

Battle: Move Shadow Dragon home from the current battlefield: Target a non-Unique Personality. Gain control of him. Move him to you current army (instead your home, if necessary). After the battle give control of him to the player this took him from.

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