Shadow Blades was a Scorpion ninja assassins, trained by sensei of both the Bayushi and Shosuro families in a secret dojo, a training ground who some said it was located in Zakyo Toshi. [1]

Stealth Edit

They were rarely seen save by their enemies before they stroke them. [2]

Destroyer War Edit

Bayushi Muhito commanded the Shadow Blades during the Destroyer War. [3] In 1172 a joint force of Muhito's forces and Asako Inquisitors led by the Master of Air Isawa Mitsuko discovered and eliminated what appeared to have been a spirit portal to the Realm of Slaughter. [4]

Plague Edit

A plague outbreak in the Seikitsu Mountains was divined by Phoenix Ishiken. The Legion of Flame arrived and contained it. After the area was quarantined the Shadow Blades appeared and eliminated every infected target within the area. [5]

Shadowed Tower agents exposed Edit

The Shadow Blades accompanied the Mirumoto Elite Guard to quell the conspiracy leaders who had planted the insidious idea that the Togashi had working together with the Army of Fire. Kitsuki Investigators and the Scorpion exposed that former agents of the Shadowed Tower, destroyed by the Clan, had instilled this theory in the peasantry in retribution, and they targeted the clan's closest allies, the Dragon. [6]

More plague outbreaks Edit

Asako Inquisitors arrived to the Crane-Scorpion border, where a disastrous outbreak of plague took place. The shugenja detected the plague in those who had not yet manifested symptoms, to treat them. For those already affected the Shadow Blades made the work. [7]

God Beast Edit

Near Ryoko Owari Toshi the Shadow Blades joined his allies the Dragon and the combined Rokugani armies facing the God Beast of Kali-Ma and his summoned spawns. [2]

Known Technique Edit


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