Shadow (Yodotai Deity) 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Caelus,
Siblings: Conquest,
four un-named gods and goddesses 
Titles: Yodotai Deity of Deception

Shadow was the Deity of Deceit of the Yodotai Pantheon.

Fall of the Deities Edit

Caelus, the sky, and Gaia, the Earth, bore ten children. The Ninth became upset with his life. He was immortal, but he wanted more, to become special. He wished to depose his father as governor of heaven and earth. He manipulated his eldest brother, and trained him for years, preparing the ensuing confrontation. He eventually raised his sword against his father, challenging a duel to death, but Caelus killed his eldest son, ending the uprising. Caelus made a Hole in the Sky when he hit with his fist the heaven's floor. He decided not to dare a new rebellion and threw all his other children through the Hole, one by one. [1]

Yodotai Edit

Shadow was the last spirit of a God who appeared to the Yodotai. He banished in one day. [2]>


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